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Jamal Edwards Presents...

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Self-made millionaire and West Londoner Jamal Edwards presents his anticipated headwear collaboration with American Freshman, featuring limited snapbacks and buckets hats designed by Edwards himself – one being based on advice he received from Dr Dre, obviously.

Jamal rose to success as a teenager by recording grime and urban music videos which he then showcased on his own website,, where he’s worked with the likes of Dizzie Rascal, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj and more.

Not bad for a 24 year old, is it? But where could he possibly go from here?

Read on and find out…




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Tell us about your history with Topman


I worked in the Ealing store. I went up and down Ealing Broadway and nobody would give me a job. My mum walked me into Topman at the time and said: 'give my son a job.’ I got 2 weeks work experience and they kept me on.



What’s your best memory from working at the store?


I opened up a store card with Will from Chase & Status. He remembered me serving him, he doesn’t normally sign up for storecards, but I was good at my job.



What’s your advice to young people wanting to become successful?


Self believe, chase your dreams and not the competition. My problem was I couldn’t find what I wanted to watch online, so I filmed it. I tell young people to try and solve the simplest problem.


How would you describe your style?


I have a lot of different styles. When I was younger the grime scene influenced the style I wore – a lot of tracksuits, but from 16 I was wearing a lot of Topman. I like quite loud stuff, stuff that makes people’s heads turn.



You’ve met a lot of influential people. Have you ever been star struck?


When I went on the Rihanna 777 tour. She likes Trapstar a lot, so I wore my Trapstar hoody and hat. It was jokes, I don’t know why. Just to standout from everyone else. But I say people eat, breathe and sleep just like everyone else, so it’s more of an admiration of their work rather than being star struck. We went to New York, Mexico, Sweden, loads of places in 7 days. That was a lot of hard work and dedication to do that.



Did you ever think SBTV would be so successful?


It was a hobby, I didn’t think I’d be doing the stuff I’d be doing today. Different things happen on my journey, but I’m always trying to top the last thing I’ve done. The next step is going to America and South Africa. I always try and keep the buzz going.


How do you plan on doing that?


I went to Hollywood and done a TED talk and I’ve just done something for Time magazine last week. But the US is the second most viewed on SBTV. Now I’ve actually got to go over there and film people, build it up like that.


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What achievements are you most proud of?


The Google advert was a big one. I was sitting in the front room with my mum and dad and I was sweating. It was sick. Running with the torch was good, the TV show I done for T4, and designing my own hats are ticking off the box.



What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?


The base, body and business from Dr Dre. The base: looking after your family. The body: keeping fit and eating healthy. Then there’s the business. Look after those three Bs and you’ll be alright, which is inspiration behind one of the hats.





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