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Introducing: Shamir

By Daniel Copley, Digital Editor | Aug 2015

Born and raised amongst the bright lights and brashness of downtown Las Vegas, it’s no surprise that showmanship comes as second nature to singer-songwriter Shamir. And with some seriously catchy beats, trippy music videos and a wardrobe that makes the Fresh Prince look like he’s lacking confidence, it’s easy to see why he’s gaining fans at a rapid rate. We could tell you more about Shamir, or we could just let him tell you about himself…

For those that don’t know you, describe your sound in three words?

Danceable, colourful, fun.


Who are your musical influences?


Nina Simone, The Vivian Girls and Daniel Johnson.


You recently performed at a gig for us in LA, how was that?

So much fun, it was my first pool party! Thanks for having me!

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Talk us through your style…

My style depends on how I feel, but I really like colour and incorporate it whenever I can.


How do you decide what to wear in a morning?

It totally depends on my mood!

Do you ever get it wrong?

Of course, everyone does! I had a hammer pants phase… it was kinda cute, but it kinda wasn’t.


What’s the one item you couldn’t live without?

My vintage Reba McEntire tour t-shirt.

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Who’s the most stylish man alive today?

Harry Styles.


What do you think the difference is between British and American style?

British people aren’t afraid to experiment with textures! In Topman there are so many different fabrics, and colours – most American stuff is more subdued with less ornamentation.

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