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Auld Lang Style

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | Dec 2015

Think just putting a suit on will make you instantly sexually desirable? WRONG. As well as being courteous, respectful and paying for your date's Nando’s like your mother taught you, you also have to smell good, accessorise and have all your hair (facial, too) in order. So when it comes to what to wear for New Year’s Eve, it’s never a simple answer. Take heed of our step-by-step guide and look your best for all seasonal celebrations.



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1 . Make Groom For This


1. Make Groom For This

Topman now stock fine grooming magic from bearded wonder Mr Natty. So if your beard is mostly dishevelled, crispy and home to various woodland critters, give it some oomph with the likes of the Bring Me Sunshine Elixir. Or if you don’t have a face forest, make your body smell glorious with their premium soap.

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2 . You Absolute Animal

Wearing a tie can look a bit too formal, but wearing a plain shirt can look a bit too plain. Solution: go all out with your shirt. Animal prints such as cheetah are bang on trend this season, which we think is either down to David Attenborough’s BBC documentary The Hunt or because of Nick Grimshaw’s Topman pieces.


2 . You Absolute Animal
3 . Let’s Talk About Tux

3. Let’s Talk About Tux

Finally we get to the suit. Unless you live on the upper side of Manhattan, you probably don’t don a tuxedo very often. Take advantage and invest in one now, because it’s better than renting one…who knows what kind of genitals have sweated in that suit?

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4 . Best Foot Forward



4 . Best Foot Forward

Nothing says party quite like a pair of velvet loafers. Well, maybe some vomit behind a sofa, but that’s not going to make you look good. From bright colours to studded embellishments to textured patterns, these are the only festive shoes you need to get the party started.

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5 . Heaven And Smell

No man should be without a fine scent before heading on a night out. Who knows, you might do an accidental nightclub fart and it could be masked by the aftershave. The perfect crime. And at only £10, it’s an absolute steal.


5 . Heaven And Smell
6 . The Finishing Touch



6 . The Finishing Touch

Small they may be, but accessories can complete an outfit. From premium rings to statement necklaces to smart leather watches, there’s something here for everyone that’ll bring out the full potential of your suit.

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7 . Baby, It’s Cold Outside

7 . Baby, It’s Cold Outside

New Year’s Eve isn’t all about tailoring, as some activities such as firework displays and trying to find your way home at 4am because an Uber costs your monthly salary require warm layers. Wrap up and still look sharp with a sharp wool overcoat with detachable fur collar.

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