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How To Do New York Fashion Week

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | Feb 2016

It’s not just a case of showing up with a ticket and enjoying yourself. Oh no, if you don’t prepare properly for a fashion week you’ll be blinded by photographers and eaten alive by sassy bloggers. So go in with all guns blazing and make the most of it with our New York Fashion week survival tips, from how to get papped to how to get into parties.



Photos by Joe Harper

Be Prepared
Be Seen

Sunglasses have many uses at fashion week: hiding a hangover, looking more important than you are, to be able to stare at what people are wearing without them noticing…oh, and to shield sunlight from your eyes, obviously. They are the multi-functioning accessory that you’ll always need, rain or shine.

All those cameras can only capture so many people, and it’s proper embarrassing when you walk past like human peacock and they don’t snap you. Be bold and bright to set off a flash, but still maintain your style credentials. You don’t want to sacrifice your pride by dressing up as a Teletubby just to make it into a small section in GQ.

Be Awake

Caffeine is the driving force of NYFW (except after 7pm, then it’s whatever liquid has an alcohol percentage of 14% and up). Running from show to show, writing up reviews in record time and surviving on canapés are tiring tasks, so stay fuelled to stay looking good. Don’t worry about the shakes, they’ll pass.

Be Invited
Be On Trend

If you’re not lucky enough to be an editor or have a Twitter account with more followers than an actual religion, there’s always an alternative to getting into parties: sneaking in. Ditch the casual clothing and opt for a formal getup of a classic suit, but ditch the stuffy tie for a cool roll neck and slide by security like you’re meant to be there (don’t make eye contact, they can sense fear). Take Jonah Levine as a perfect example, nailing the style at the NYFW Interview x Topman party.

Wearing a leather jacket and skinny jeans is obviously a timeless look, but if you really want to show off your fashion knowledge you’ve got to dress on trend. For fashion forward style, we suggest going back to the ‘70s with the likes of corduroy textures and wide leg fits. Afro and exposed chest hair is optional.