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Festival Street Style

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | Aug 2015

Option 1: you could show up to a festival in fancy dress, pass out in some mud and have to ring your mum crying to come pick you up early. Option 2: you could look your best, meet the person of your dreams and get a modelling contract because you’re dressed so god damn fine. If the latter sounds good, check out our roundup of the finest festival street style from Positivus, Lovebox and British Summertime Hyde Park and take some inspiration.

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Vintage Prints

From Hawaiian floral to pastel spots, this season’s biggest shirting trend has to be statement retro prints. Style tip: go for a revere collar (or Cuban collar) for an authentic antique look. Or just nick one from your Grandad’s wardrobe.

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LA Skate

We don’t have their weather, but we can have their style. The retro Venice Beach skate staples of coach jackets, tube socks with trainers and band tees are back on trend this season, and are good to go whether you can do a kickflip or not.

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With the return of brands like Ellesse, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, Chandler Bing from season 1 of Friends has become a cultural icon. With this trend it’s better to be bold, so go loud and proud with your ‘90s labels.

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Sometimes it’s the accessories that make the outfit and not the actual clothes, and with festival season bringing rain it’s good to have a beanie, fedora or bucket hat as a backup for your takeaway pizza level greasy hair.

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Sure skinny fits are cool, but when you’re walking around a festival all day sweating out overpriced cider sometimes you want some room. That’s where oversized, streetwear inspired tees, macs and jumpers come in.

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Black skinny jeans, sunglasses, statement rings, denim gilets and silky locks. This is the darker (and cooler) side of the decade that brought us the bohemian ‘70s trend, juxtaposing its bold and bright Woodstock vibes with a grungier biker edge.