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Festival - Interview with Two Door Cinema Club Back Festival - Interview with Two Door Cinema Club

Lead singer of The Vaccines, Justin Young, takes some time out from travelling the world touring to talk to Topman about his worst festival moment, favourite festival anthem, supporting the Rolling Stones…and burgers.

We’ve just been in South America which has been amazing, we played Primavera Sound last night in Barcelona.

Glastonbury is definitely the festival I’m looking most forward too.

I think that’s the best thing about festivals: that everyone is different. All of them are intrinsically different. I love being at home for the warmth, but when you go away you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know what the reception is going to be, how big the crowd is going to be, what people want from the set. They’re all different, but all amazing.

I went to End of the Road with my friends, it was the first ever one.

In the UK waterproofs are important. Three days is a long time for no home comforts. I don’t drink in the day, which isn’t really a good tip for people because they want to cram it in, but I start drinking at dusk otherwise I fall asleep.

The Stones is going to obviously be the most exciting. We’re currently at Primavera and the line up here is amazing - Phoenix, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Tame Impala are all playing.

There’s a girl called Marika Hackman that I really like.

Reading & Leeds was amazing, but sitting on the beach in Norway and watching the sun go down...the backstage was a beach! Now that was amazing.

Not really, I love to get that variety. We’ve recently played the Sebright Arms in London, which was a capacity of 704, and also done a benefit show at the Joiners. We do still play smaller venues because there is an intensity you get from that that you don’t get from bigger shows. But I just love playing.

I’m glad it’s over, it was an ordeal! But amazing.

Glastonbury 2008, I went there and lost my phone after being there for just two hours. So I just walked around on my own for three days. I did bump into people, but then I’d just lose them again. It was so depressing.

I like burgers and falafels. But generally burgers.

You never know about collaborations, they just usually happen on the day. But we’ll be bringing some production with us; it’ll be more like a show than a gig. We’ll be playing some new stuff as well, so it’s definitely not the same as last year.

We recorded an EP in LA a couple of months ago, so we’re hoping to release that at the end of summer.

We never really think about it, we just do it when it’s ready. We don’t want to rush into it.

Last summer the biggest anthem was ‘I Am The Resurrection’. I don’t really have one of all time, but I’m sure the Rolling Stones will provide one this summer!

I’m trying not to think about it! It’s amazing to be involved. They’re the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time; we’re really excited to be playing it.

I’d probably....it’s not going to happen!