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Do you like Easter eggs? Do you like cracking discounts? Do you like hunting around a website instead of doing your job / dissertation / coursework? Of course you do! That’s why we’ve hidden dozens of Easter eggs around Topman.com, with each egg representing an exclusive discount!

We’ve done our part, now you need to get hunting. Here’s how it works:




Egg Image 1 Egg Image 1



 Search Topman.com for the Easter eggs. When you see one, click it to reveal an up-to-50% discount on a specific item.

Take note, the discount will only apply to the item displayed. So if the item doesn’t do it for you, keep hunting for the other eggs!




However, if you like what you see, select your size and add it to bag – the discount will be applied at checkout.



Sit back with a self-satisfied grin on your face and find another excuse to not do any work.


Egg Image 4



If so, head on down to our flagship Oxford Circus store to take part in an actual real-life egg hunt.

Until Monday, we’ll be handing out free chocolate eggs outside the store and hiding eggs inside it.

Here’s what you need to look out for:

- Find a blue egg symbol to get £5 off any order.

- Find an orange egg symbol to get £100 off any order.

There’s no minimum spend, but you must redeem this offer on the day and you’re limited to one egg.

No chickens or eggs were harmed in the making of this promotion. Although several bunnies were killed.