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Douglas Ascending




If Douglas Booth had any more buzz about him power companies would start charging you for just looking at his face. From the political satire of Riot Club to the new sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending to the front row of fashion shows, Booth seems to be everywhere right now – and for good reason.

We sit down with Britain’s biggest up-and-coming actor in an exclusive interview to discuss everything from style mistakes to…erm…zombies.





 "All my worst fashion mistakes were when I was a kid and I think we were all making the same mistakes…what the f**k were we wearing? I used to wear these baggy jeans with a chain hanging down. I used to own a skateboard, but I couldn’t even skate. That’s probably a big fashion mistake right there. In fact, the last time I was on a skateboard I broke my arm. Not a good look."




"I feel like I look best in what I’m most comfortable. If I feel comfortable I think I’m going to look okay. My uniform is usually black jeans, boots and a t-shirt. On top of that I can throw on a leather jacket, a blazer, a jumper. As long as you’ve got that part, you can switch out all the rest."


Dougie 2


"British people are really well dressed, and a lot of Americans are, too. My good friend is from Indiana and I was there last Thanksgiving, and they have all these overcoats – they’re not meant to be fashionable at all, they literally buy them in the farmers’ store – and I wanted to take them all home! That’s fashion that comes out of necessity. They wear them for a purpose. But they look great. I think the rest of the world is copying the Midwest."




"It’s funny, I have mates who always ask me, ‘I’ve got to get a suit, a really nice suit, where should I go?’ And I honestly do say, ‘you know what, mate, seriously, just go to Topman.’ Because they make brilliant suits. I was at the BIFTAs [British Independent Film and Theatre Awards] and wore this fantastic dark blue velvet blazer from Topman with grey trousers and shoes, and I’ve never had so many compliments. You don’t need to spend gazillions to look good."


Dougie 4



"British people always think it’s nuts because the original material is so sacred, but in America more people have heard of the book PPZ, it was a New York Times best-seller. It’s not running around from A-Z being chased by zombies, it’s about how society will survive, how will that world – the upper classes – keep operating the way they’ve always operated. The adaptation is by the guy who did American Hustle and The Fighter, then Bern Steirs did the second draft and he went back to the original material, Austen’s original letters, etc. It really is romantic and beautiful and the story still works, it’s just set amongst the most bizarre circumstances."


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