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Now in its fifth phase, the Lux capsule collection is back to deliver a diverse autumn/winter 14 range, offering a luxurious yet relaxed approach to modern tailoring with the use of elegant, timeless fabrics reworked into key seasonal pieces.


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The Party Animal lives for the weekend and never misses a night out. You’ll often see him in the mornings with a coffee in hand and a pounding head from the mayhem of ‘that drink’ the night before. He’s been looking forward to the Christmas party since last year’s. He struts into the party venue and heads straight to the dancefloor, dragging sober and unwilling people up with him to dance awkwardly to ‘Moves Like Jagger’.

The Jekyll & Hyde is a quiet character who spends their days mostly avoiding eye contact with every person they pass so they don’t have to engage in small talk. ‘How was your weekend?’ is a question that makes their palms sweaty. But once in a festive and slightly intoxicated mood, the accusations start flying and you’ll be subjected to a few home-truths about yourself and your life choices. The more they drink, the more outrageous their behaviour becomes. You’ll be the one avoiding eye contact with them for the rest of the night. Horror and panic engulfs them in the morning, and they’re too embarrassed to face any of the party goers ever again. They start making plans to move city.

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Outerwear becomes a statement piece, the highlight being an upsized salt & pepper Donegal overcoat in a hazy shade of ash grey.

Proportions are explored and innovative new shapes are introduced. The key sartorial piece being the bomber suit, which can be worn fully or as smart separates.

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A focused palette of navy & midnight black form the signature look of Lux, but are accented with bold shots of cobalt and softer ash greys for a quintessentially winter feel.


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