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Berlin Street Style

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Sept 2016

Berlin is one of our favourite cities. Packed with world-class clothes and culture, it’s a haven for easygoing, wearable style with a streetwear edge. We like it so much, we even went there last month to show off our latest collection.



As the weather turns, we’re slipping into a period where you’ve got to transition between summer and autumn dressing and it’s tough to get right. Thankfully, when we were in Berlin, we saw a few fresh ways to tackle this and snapped some photos around the city to bring those lessons to you:

Berlin Street style img 1 Berlin Street style img 1

Longsleeve Tees

The easiest change you’ll make all autumn. An on-trend takeaway from skater style, the printed longsleeve is simple to switch into your wardrobe instead of a classic tee. As the weather turns, you can even pop one on under a tee for some throwback, O.C-inspired style. 

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Lightweight Macs

You’ll be wearing one of these all the way through until next spring. The ideal compromise between coach jacket and overcoat, they’re waterproof, have great layering potential and can be paired up with everything from suits to streetwear.


Getting transitional dressing right can be as simple as a quick change in fabric – whether that’s going from cotton to wool or from linen to suede – and it’s a great way to only buy one new piece and keep your summer wardrobe relevant long into autumn. 

Berlin Street style img 2 Berlin Street style img 2


Get layering right and you’ll nail autumn dressing. Playing with proportion is the key here – wearing cropped bombers under overcoats or funnel necks under suit jackets looks great and will keep you warm all season.

Statement Denim

Denim is always a stylish option, but you’ve got to kick it up a notch to stand out. Look for denim jackets with distressed details and fresh colours to really pull off this look as we move into autumn.

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Sweatshirts are a classic transitional piece but they’re too dull to work on their own: look to elevate yours with the addition of choice accessories and make them feel and look interesting again. 

Berlin Street style img 3 Berlin Street style img 3

Casual Shirts

Wearing shirts on the weekend can look a bit ‘dad-at-BBQ’ if you’re not careful: to get it right, look for interesting fabrics with a relaxed fit and wear them with casual pieces like sneakers and joggers.



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We’ve already talked about Hypersport as being one of our key trends but here’s the short version of it: look to mismatched sweats, technical fabrics and your go-to sneakers to see you through the cooling weather.


Don’t forget to buy the right bag before you venture out this autumn. Whether you’re hauling around your laptop, spare clothes or whatever, a waterproof backpack is a lifesaver when the weather is being unpredictable.

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