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Latest Trend:
Badging and Patching

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Sept 2016

With Instagram as our shared source of trend inspiration, style is becoming increasingly homogenised. But when we talk about someone having style, what we really mean is personal style. Anyone with a few quid in their pocket can flick through a magazine and buy an outfit from it, but when someone wears clothes in a way that’s unique to them, then they really have a ‘look’.


That’s why badging and patching has become such a huge trend in menswear: it’s a style that’s earned, not bought. By buying one of these pieces and slowly adding to it over time – a band badge here, a military patch there – you’ll make something that only you could ever own.

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Badges & Patches img1 Badges & Patches img1

Badging and patching has its origin in the military, making this MA-1 bomber jacket a very appropriate piece for trying the trend out for yourself. The badges on this jacket give it a personal feeling straight off the rail but you’ll doubtless add to it as time goes on. 

Badges & Patches img2 Badges & Patches img2

This sweatshirt gives you look of personalisation without learning how to use a needle and thread (or giving your mum a sheepish phone call). And, if you want to add your own twist to it there are acres of blank canvas for you to play with.

Badges & Patches img3 Badges & Patches img3

Want to sidle up to the trend but don’t want to look like a pearly king or a metalhead? This simple single patch tee is the perfect gateway drug.

Badges & Patches img4 Badges & Patches img4

Styling patched pieces isn’t that tricky: confine the embroidery to one or two pieces, letting them be the focus of your look by choosing simple pieces to wear with them. Already settled on an outfit? Wear your badges on an accessory like a hat or this canvas backpack.

Badges & Patches img5 Badges & Patches img5

How to Apply Your Patches

Set the iron to a hot setting and place the patch on the piece before covering with a thin cloth.

Iron and apply firm pressure evenly on the patch for between 30 and 40 seconds.

Repeat the process on the opposite side of the piece, making sure all the edges are firmly bonded to the fabric.

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