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Christmas Guide To Lounging

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You’ve returned home after a long year of writing essays, working long hours and ingesting copious amounts of microwave meals. You deserve some well needed rest and recuperation. So get the fridge stocked, kettle on, telly warmed up and chill out in our seasonal loungewear.


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Presents are wrapped and the turkey is in the oven. Not like you’ve done any of this yourself, but it’s tiring to watch your parents slave away all day. So get Christmas Eve ready – Santa style – by donning a hooded Christmas onesie with a reindeer print

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Jingle All The Way. Wonder how he was actually governor of California.

Pork pies, sausage rolls, gingerbread men. This is preparation for tomorrow’s feast.

Mulled wine and hot chocolate. If spilt on carpet, blame pet/sibling.

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You want to make a little effort on Christmas Day, but no one wants to actually get dressed like an actual person. Meet somewhere in the middle with our classic checked pyjamas.

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Die Hard. Nothing says Christmas Day like mindless violence.

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, pigs in blankets, Quality Street. Repeat until vomit.

Champagne followed by everything above 40% volume.

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Does family Monopoly usually get out of hand? Is there Bailey’s all up the walls? Ease your zombie like state the morning after the big day by setting yourself free. Our novelty Christmas boxers and dressing gowns make the ideal hangover outfit.

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Home Alone 1 & 2. Try to figure out why Kevin wasn’t taken by child services.

Turkey sandwiches, turkey pie, turkey curry. Just get rid of that bird.

Lots of Pepto-Bismol. Or just carry on drinking.

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You used to wish for toys for Christmas, now you wish to get out your overdraft.

Doctor Who meets Santa in this cult show Christmas special, and he’s a bit of a knob.

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time! Need we say more?

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