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The April Issue

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | Mar 2016

Winter is officially over, long live spring. Celebrate a new month and a new season with sci-fi movies, orchestral indie and cracking new style.

1. Topman TV - Boxy Tees & Other New Fits

This fit ties itself in with the clean Scandinavian look that’s still massively on trend (and probably always will be), focusing on interesting shapes with minimal design rather than outrageous prints. Don’t stop updating your shapes there though; pair with cropped trousers for a truly modern look.

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White Denim
The Last Shadow Puppets

2. White Denim

White denim was almost ruined by Razorlight’s Johnny Borell, but thankfully it has clawed its way back to cool. From jeans to shirts to jackets, don’t be afraid to rock the bright white, especially as an all-in-one look. But take our advice, please don’t drink hot chocolate while you wear it.

3. The Last Shadow Puppets

Alex Turner and Miles Kane return as the bromantic duo with a love for orchestral arrangements with pop hooks in new album ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’. They may look like they’ve turned into Italian American gangsters, but we assure you their signature sound is still exactly as you remember it from 2007.

Released April 1st

9. New: Lifestyle

4. Nickelodeon

Still long for the days of Turkey Twizzlers and Sunny Delight? Your body probably wouldn’t be able to handle that stuff now, but these retro throwback Nickelodeon tees and sweatshirts will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia without the serious health issues.

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5. New: Lifestyle

In our first drop of exclusive lifestyle pieces, we bring you dark homewear from Curios. From cups with anatomical skulls to trinket trays with detailed hearts, these are sure to bring your home to life with a touch of death.

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6. Latest Trend: Sport

A cool looking trend that’s also comfy to wear? You’ve just hit the jackpot. Our new sportswear trend takes bomber jackets, sweatshirts and joggers and updates them for everyday wear with interesting textures and crisp spring colours. Brands also play a big part in the look, with East London streetwear heroes Nicce being a key name.

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8. slogan

7. My Bae Made Me Wear It

Heading up the list of trends you never thought you'd wear, but you now secretly love is...slogan t-shirts. We've got all the top terms - including BAE, SQUAD, GAINZ and, of course, ON FLEEK - to ensure that everyone knows how you're feeling and who you're with at any given time.

8. Chelsea Boots

Famously associated with the Beatles, Carnaby Street Mods and Tim Burton characters, we’re predicting this to be the ultimate smart shoe of the new season with their high heel and pointed toes. Not statement enough? Then try out a suede texture.

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7. Midnight Special

9. Midnight Special

Government conspiracies, shootouts, car chases, kids with light glowing from their eyes, this movie has everything you could want from a new generation sci-fi thriller. The cast is stellar too, with Michael Shannon, Kirsten Dunst and Adam Driver starring.

Released April 8th