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7 New Street Style Trends

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | June 2016

Everyone assumes that the style magic at London Collections Men happens inside the showrooms. WRONG. As cool as it is to watch models pout their way down the runway in clothes that you can’t buy for another year, it’s actually on the pavements outside the show you see the real trends happening on proper guys. So for SS17 we sent out one of our favourite street style photographers, Joe Harper, to document the best looks that you can own right now.



Photos by Joe Harper 

The great thing about this look is that you can do it yourself at home by taking a pair of scissors to your hems. Just be careful that you get both lengths right, you don’t want to look like you’ve got one weirdly longer leg. It’s not just denim this grunge inspired trend is hitting either, as you’ll also find laddered knitwear, holes in t-shirts and ripped shorts everywhere this summer.

Printed tees are an essential component of the modern man’s wardrobe because they’re just so easy to wear; you really don’t have to stress about what you’re going out in on a Saturday night with a few of these at your disposal. But this season we’re seeing a refresh with placement photo prints in t-shirts and hoodies, rather than your standard logos.

Sure, florals for summer may not be ground-breaking, but there’s a reason they continuously keep blooming season after season: they’ll always look good. A floral shirt is an investment that can be pulled out when the sun hits with a pair of lightweight cropped trousers and loafers or layered in the cold with the revere collar showing over the lapels.

No, you won’t look like a wrestling referee, you’ll look like an absolute boss in vertical stripes. If you needed another reason to stripe up, vertical ones also make you look slimmer, the perfect hack for if you haven’t managed to get that summer body. Two birds, one stone.

This colour has gotten a bad rep in the last few years, mainly because shades of it have been adopted by eccentric business men and middle class rugby boys. But now it’s been reclaimed and worked into streetwear, featuring in everything from tees to hoodies to baseball caps. To ease yourself into the trend, we’d recommend investing in a faded, lighter shade of pink in a plain tee in replacement of your everyday white one.

Whether you cheat and get them already pre-sewn on your jacket or do it the old fashioned way and hand them all to your poor mother to hand sew, patches and badges are massively cool again and are a great way to make your favourite jacket a unique statement that no one else will have.

Wearing a funnel neck track top underneath a dapper blazer sounds like something straight out of a court room, but in reality it looks more astounding than ASBO. It’s all about getting the balance of sports and smart right though, because there’s a fine line between front row worthy and looking like you’re popping out to the corner shop in the first thing that fell out your wardrobe. Finish this unique combo off with tailored joggers and a pair of sleek white trainers.

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