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6 Things to Make you Stand out at the Christmas Party

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Nov 2016

House party, office party, Christmas prom or whatever, if you want to do a party right, you need to dress for the job.
Here’s how:

Shop Christmas Partywear

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Invest in
One-of-a-Kind Outerwear

If you’re blending in at a party, you might as well have not turned up. Oversized outerwear will make all the difference, whether you go for a prince-esq piece of flamboyant faux fur or something more old school.

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Wear Velvet

Velvet is a criminally underused fabric, so you can rest easy knowing you’re going to be the only one wearing it at the party. Also, everyone always wants to give it a stroke when you’re wearing it (the jacket that is).  

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Have the Midas Tux

There’s something about wearing a tux that makes you feel like a goddamn millionaire. Scientifically proven to make you look your best, if you’ve absolutely got to make a good impression you’ve absolutely got to wear a tux.

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Don’t Wear a Christmas Jumper

Like people still trying to make ‘Computer says no’ gags, guys wearing OTT Christmas jumpers covered in fairy lights are dragging out a joke that’s long dead. Instead of flogging a dead horse/reindeer buy a proper jumper instead.

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Get Shirty

If you’re going to spend the night behaving like an animal, you might as well dress like one. Printed statement shirts will always add a bit of oomph to your look, giving it a real Alex Turner vibe. Pop yours on under a suit jacket for a rakish look.

Christmas Partywear  6 Christmas Partywear  6

Roll Deep

We’re not saying you guys should co-ordinate your looks to the extent of a, say, Korean pop group. Nor are we saying you all need to dress to a persona (‘Gareth’s the bad boy of the group’). But there’s nothing wrong with making sure you all look good before you head out so you really make your mark.