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London calling

London is the centre of eclectic, eccentric, outlandish, anything-goes style. Mixing city rebel with country gent, Sloane with Shoreditch, rock 'n roll with refined, check out our staff of buyers, marketeers, designers, PR girls, graphic designers and Style Advisors. This is what London - and Topshop Topman - has to offer.

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Emma Grant, Assistant Buyer

Emma Grant, Assistant Buyer

Emma Grant likes combinations when it comes to what she wears - describing her style as "vintage queen mixed with some high street finds". Always verging on the pretty side of fashion, she loves both the look of Gossip Girl and the Olsen twins. That makes her own outfit of Topshop jersey dress, killer Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and sweetly tousled hair.

Emma Grant
Amy Compton, Creative Projects Co-ordinator

Amy Compton, Creative Projects Co-ordinator

Doesn't like to be too co-ordinated. She describes her style as "a bit mismatched but in a good way". We couldn't help but agree - we love her acid wash denim and accessories and think it fits right into London style as she describes it: "fearless self-expression". This girl is doing the city proud.

Amy Compton
Lizzie Dawson, Designer

Lizzie Dawson, Designer

Has too many New York icons to name one in particular. She is, however, a big fan of the city's passion for vintage. After all, it matches her own. Wearing her favourite vintage frayed denim shirt and J Brand jeans, this London girl would fit right in NYC.

Lizzie Dawson
Lauren Brown, Style Advisor, Oxford Circus

Lauren Brown, Style Advisor, Oxford Circus

Doesn't leave the house without lipstick - glamour is present in her look at all times. Not that she wants to look too pulled together. Like her style icon, Mary-Kate Olsen, Lauren prefers a "girly but edgy style" and, we have to say, it suits her just so.

Lauren Brown
Jess Gebhart, Denim Buyer Admin Assistant

Jess Gebhart, Denim Buyer Admin Assistant

Likes rock musicians when it comes to style icons: she name checks Debbie Harry, Patti Smith and Marianne Faithfull as favourites. Her own style, however, is a little different. She describes it as "casual but modern." Sounds like a good formula to us.

Jess Gebhart
Tara Grant, Accessories Designer

Tara Grant, Accessories Designer

Describes her style as the product of "happy accidents" within her wardrobe. But, looking at her today in Topshop Unique, we can only hope to get into a similar accident next time we're getting dressed.

Tara Grant
Chris Bonich

Lara Einzig, Retail Marketing Manager

Flits between two New York icons: Lauren Hutton for her "classic style and true grace" and Erin Wasson "for her rough and ready edge". These opposing moods come up in her own style. "I swing from pared back baggy jeans and Converse to classic investment pieces," she says. There's only one rule: no fuss.

Lara Einzig
Chris Bonich

Chris Bonich, Assistant Branch Merchandiser

Original style with attention to detail is me, I like a fairly classic look, nothing too much, just some nice traditional pieces that I think are cool.
From the 60's and a bit of now, for me if something is still being sold 40 odd years on then I reckon it's pretty decent.

Andreas Antoniou

Andreas Antoniou, Accessories Merchandiser

I love darker, muted colours and monochromes. Slinky fine gauge knitwear with understated design detail coupled with harder tailored jackets and grungy washed jeans. A mix of grungy and sophisticated - a 'Berlin' look.
On a lazy day, I love the pin-rolled baggy jeans with high top trainers and a hoody.

Nick Lambert

Nick Lambert, Shirts and Ties Assistant Buyer

I love to mix vintage tees, retro or retro inspired sportswear, clean jersey basics and battered jeans or chinos. My style icon is Kevin Bacon circa 'Friday the 13th' and if I could live in any time or place it would be early 80's California.

Thom Scherdel

Thom Scherdel, Brands and Concessions Buyer Admin Assistant

I'm fascinated by what people wear and how they choose to wear it, I'm always looking around and checking people out to get new ideas. I prefer to look back rather than looking forward in terms of inspiration. Following the catwalk is fine but I prefer to tap into older timeless sources. Quadrophenia is so cool and you can't really go wrong singing from that hymn sheet in terms of style.

Adi Currie

Adi Currie, Senior Press Officer

Truth is, I don't know how I dress – it's generally just throw the first thing on (or cleanest) I see. If I were pushed... well, I love the way Paul Weller dressed in The Style Council around 1983 – not that I was born then (cough). I like the idea of layering more and more too – it's difficult to put into words, but seeing something underneath something else, the end of a vest, the cuff of a shirt and a raw collar just seems right for now.

John Haycock

John Haycock, International Merchandise Admin Assistant

Being a bit of an impulse buyer I never buy anything strategically. I'll just buy something (no matter how loud or wacky) and try and make it work. With a love for the 70's, a young George Best would certainly be included in my fashion icons and my love for vintage stems from this era. At the moment I seem to like geek chic as a lot of pieces centred around this look can be found in my wardrobe.

Tim Colling

Tim Colling, Smart and Suits Buyers Admin Assistant

I lean towards a Scandinavian and Parisian style, and a big fan of labels APC and Acne. I like clothes in my wardrobe that are subtle, understated and stylish.

Russell Nott

Russell Nott, Planning and Capital Finance Manager

My fashion icons would have to be Beckham & Justin Timberlake!
I like to wear dark classic wash jeans with a pair of smart shoes and add colour to the look with a cool edgy fashion tee & layer this with a check L/S shirt to add a casual side to the look!

John Mooney

John Mooney, Casual Jackets Designer

Scally in disguise...... don't like smelly vintage, think it works best on girls. Like my labels and like picking up bits and pieces on my travels. Always work from the feet up... good shoes by traditional shoemakers.

Danny Tudor-Jones

Danny Tudor-Jones, Accessories Buyer

I guess people would say I'm preppy or even a bit geeky. I'm a closet geography teacher and I love trends from other countries, in particular Japan and Scandinavia. The guys seem to style themselves so effortlessly and tastefully. I think men should know what suits them rather than just wearing lots of expensive clothes, money doesn't buy taste! In terms of a style icon, for me it has to be Steve McQueen, classic sportswear has never looked cooler, he's easily the most stylish American ever.

Harry Hazell

Harry Hazell, Flagship Topman Stylist

A different day brings a different style; I never like to confine myself to a particular look. I like the idea that I can reinvent myself every day, late 50's Talented Mr Ripley Pale pink tennis shorts, white button-down shirt with a Gold Rolex and a yacht seems to be on today's menu (minus the yacht of course). My inspirations have to be Prince Charles for the English heritage look, David Hockney for his use of colour and Gordon Richardson for his attention to detail.