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How To Get Summer’s #1 Haircut: The Biker Bob

4th June 2017
For men with long hair, summer can be an absolute nightmare. Knots, tangles and a sweaty head 24/7 are all grooming problems that have guys grabbing for the shaver when things start to heat up. But much like 2017 bringing you fidget spinners to keep attention deficit disorder at bay, this wild year has also gifted you a haircut that gets rid of some of the heaviness but leaves a good bit of length – the Biker Bob.

Let Matt Clarke from Ruffians barber shop explain it…

“The Biker Bob is loosely based on a Jax Teller’s (Sons of Anarchy) hairstyle. The haircut leaves weight in the front and the sides allowing the hair to be slicked back with ease. The back is then layered to create movement and some volume. Finally the sideburns have been undercut and burst faded out.

What to ask for…

“Ask for the length to be retained in the front, long enough to easily be tucked behind both ears, and for the back to textured and layered whilst still retaining weight through the top.

How to style…

“Towel dry, then put in a fingernail amount of Ruffians Classic Pomade, making sure to get the product to the roots of the hair, then dry using a diffuser, and brush back into desired shape. Add a touch of salt spray to finish.”

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Image Credit: Rex/Getty, Sons Of Anarcy Film Still