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Frank Carter’s Must-See Bands At Download Festival

20th May 2016
Frank Carter, frontman of the Rattlesnakes, Pure Love and Gallows, has told us who we can’t miss at this year’s Download Festival. And with him being the saviour of angry, uncompromising modern punk (as well as being utterly terrifying), we’ll take his word for it.

Have you ever seen the movie Battle Royale? I feel like this band is the musical equivalent of that film. They are heavy as an anvil, massively weird and super kawaii! They are the spice girls of Shibuya and I think they are more punk rock than most of the punk bands playing today.

Easily one of the most important punk bands to ever exist. They have somehow been an influence on all your favourite bands and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone party as hard as they do, for as long. If you want an honest picture of nihilism in 2016, or just some really fun punk songs, then go and see NOFX.

Raging Speedhorn
I grew up listening to this band and their records are still better than most of the trite people are selling now. They kicked a revitalising hole in the UK music scene at a time where it felt incredibly bleak and depressing and I will forever be grateful to them for that.

One of my favourite bands of all time. Their record Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence had a profound effect on me and it taught me to obliterate normality, destroy rules and perform honestly. A huge influence on me at an important time if my life and a reason that I am a musician now.

Probably my favourite UK band (apart from all the ones I’ve been in). They don’t just play psychedelic garage rock, they are psychedelic garage rock. When you find what you want to be in the world it’s a beautiful feeling to be able to show it with conviction, and Turbowolf are showing the world.

Juliette and the Licks
Juliette Lewis is an icon. Not only one of the world’s greatest living actors, she also happens to be a brilliant songwriter and an amazing performer. Every time I see her play, I get to watch someone completely losing themselves in music. It’s not something you can learn or act. You either have it or you don’t, and Juliette is one of the few who just has it.

I grew up listening to Deftones, I’ve watched them play incredible shows all over the world. I’ve played their records until they melted, and at one point I even let them in the fire escape at a sold out Gallows show as they wanted to see the band… one of the more surreal moments of my life. They are still making important and progressive records (Gore demolishes most modern music) and that’s an amazing achievement for a band who have been playing as long as they have.

Black Sabbath
Because it’s Black f**king Sabbath. You don’t need any more than that.

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