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6 Of The Best Haircuts In Topman HQ

19th September 2017

You’ve already seen our tattoos and now you’ve got another chance to have a voyeuristic peek through the keyhole at Topman HQ. We’ve pulled together the team and sorted out the best barnets, culling all the dodgy fringes and widow’s peaks until we were left with the 6 top haircuts for you to peruse:

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5 Winter Beard Trends You Should Definitely Try Out

7th September 2017

As the nights get colder and darker you might find yourself feeling a slight discomfort. No, it’s not the sound of the X-Factor returning, we’re talking about the chill your face feels when the temperature drops and you don’t have a beard to protect it like a fuzzy shield of armour. Luckily the experts at…

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The Coolest Men’s Grooming Tech You Didn’t Know You Needed

Grooming Technology
5th September 2017

While our great-grandfathers might have been quite happy flossing their teeth with bike chains and dry-shaving with meat cleavers, in between bouts of bare-knuckle boxing in blood-stained vests – we millennials aren’t quite such a hardy bunch. But why should we be when there are so many options available to us, for ensuring we stay…

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How To Get Tom Hardy’s Taboo Haircut

29th August 2017

Tom Hardy’s portrayal of a tortured 19th century adventurer in Taboo was probably the coolest thing on telly since Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy. But wearing a top hat and gnarly eye scar isn’t as easy as rocking a leather jacket and white t-shirt, so where do you begin in showing your obsession for…

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WATCH: How To Trim Your Beard In 6 Easy Steps

25th August 2017

Beards are expensive. Even if you cut out the oils and the balms, the conditioners and the waxes, you’re still stuck with a minimum Β£40 a month barber habit to keep you looking date night fresh. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the pros from Ruffians to show you how to trim your own beard…

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What Is Beard Dandruff And How Can You Get Rid Of It?

Grooming Style
17th August 2017

DespiteΒ The Guardian suggesting that we might have reached ‘peak beard’ back in 2014, the trend for facial fuzz doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Every man and his dog has been rocking a bushy beard for the past few years, and while fashion might be the reasoning in the vast majority of cases, a…

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