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The Best Barbers In The UK That’ll Satisfy Your Unwavering Vanity

13th March 2017
Look, it’s 2017. It’s perfectly acceptable for the average guy to have the hairless chest of a new born child and the plucked eyebrows of a fabulous drag queen. Masculinity has been redefined and no one should be ashamed of wanting to look their best, and knowing where to go for a decent haircut and a stellar beard trim is the first step you need to take into the world of men’s grooming.

So without further ado here’s our list of the best barbers in the UK, from Leeds and Edinburgh to London and Brighton.

Ruffians – Edinburgh & London

Whisky bars, bespoke coffee and an iPad while you wait. This Scottish barbers really knows how to keep you sweet before you sit down in the chair for a proper consultation with a professional barber. They also make their own grooming products, which have been nominated for awards by the likes of GQ and ShortList.

Barber Barber – Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham & London

If you’re looking for style and substance, look no further. Barber Barber’s…erm…barbers are dressed to the nines like they’re out fox hunting rather than trimming face forests. We’d suggest going for the ultimate experience, consisting of a luxury cut throat shave and tailored haircut.

Johnny’s Chop Shop – London

This retro Americana style barbers offers slick haircuts as well as on trend colour treatments, such as bleach blonde and silver tips. One of their salons is also located on the top floor of our Oxford Circus store, so you can nip in for a trim and pick up a brand new outfit. Win win.

Cutter & Grinder – Brighton

Hossein, the owner, has over 25 years experience in barbering, with his fascination of it starting as a young boy in Iran as he appreciated the social culture of it all e.g. drinking tea and smoking hookah (this needs introduced to the UK ASAP). So you know you’re in safe hands here, so sit back and relax as he glides his professionally sharpened blade across your unworthy face.

Remedy – Leeds

This place is constantly busy and for good reason. This Northern barbering haven offers the highest quality cuts and shaves using hand blended products created by shop owner Simon Hunter, featuring scents such as jasmine and vetiver without any nasty unnatural chemicals.

Murdock – London

Probably one of the most famous barbers in the country due to their wildly popular and sensationally smelling grooming range (their quince and oakmoss shampoo is top notch). They’ve also got their own range of colognes so potently masculine that women fall pregnant with a mere waft.

Barberology – Birmingham

Voted best barbers in England last year at the UK Premier Barber Awards (yes, that’s a thing), Barberology takes pride in its fusion of classic Italian cutting techniques combined with modern male grooming, offering everything from beard trims and hot towels to nose trims and body waxing.