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Street Style: How To Wear A Scarf

23rd January 2018

Giving advice on how to wear a scarf seems pretty absurd (‘just wrap ’em round your neck when it’s cold’) but when you dig into it there’s more to styling one than you’d think. Often it’s the accessories we choose that can push a look to sublime heights or send it way over the top…

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Men’s Hair Trend Alert: The Best Undercuts And How To Get Them

22nd January 2018

The rise and rise of the Peaky Blinders show has led to a plethora of retro trends in the menswear industry, noticeably in the resurgence of loose fitting tailoring, baker boy hats and collar pins. But its presence can truly be felt in what’s arguably the most popular haircut since David Beckham’s pompadour – the…

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WIN! A Trip To Austin, Texas With Return Flights, Luxury Accommodation & Topman Gift Voucher

18th January 2018

To celebrate the launch of Topman’s new activewear collection, you and a friend could be jetting off on the holiday of your dreams to the Live Music Capital of the World® with British Airways and the brand new Fairmont Austin. This 37-story luxury hotel features 1,048 richly appointed guest rooms and suites with picturesque vistas…

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5 Must Try Hair Cuts Fresh From The Catwalk

17th January 2018

Predicting trends can be hard – unless you’re the people who make them. And that’s exactly what London Hairdressers Blue Tit are. They’re the salon that drives a huge portion of emerging trends in the capital, working with everyone from personal stylists to bands, developing entirely new styles and putting a new twist on the…

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7 Festivals You Should Get Tickets For This Year That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Culture Music
17th January 2018

January is bleak. The weather is atrocious, you’ve made promises to stop eating junk, and no one is drinking. If January was a person it’d be the child of Janice from Friends and Jeremy Clarkson. But there is one shining beacon of hope that can get you through this miserable month: planning your 2018 summer…

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How To Fix A Patchy Beard

12th January 2018

There’s nothing worse than deciding to grow a beard and finding that you look like you’ve just been mauled by a lawnmower. It’s like going to school and all the kids have light-up fidget spinners, but you’re hidden away in a dark corner playing conkers with yourself because the corner shop had sold out. But…

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