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Why You Keep Getting Spots And How To Get Rid Of Them

11th December 2017

Although your teenage years may be behind you, men can still be plagued with spots throughout their entire life. And although the creative schoolyard nicknames have ceased and your mum has stopped popping your pimples without permission in the aisles of Tesco, they’re still a nightmare to deal with. To get to the bottom of…

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WIN! Tickets To Roman Kemp & Isaac Carew’s Christmas Shopping Party

8th December 2017

Need a little help to find the perfect gift? WIN an exclusive space for you and friend at our Christmas Shopping evening with presenter ROMAN KEMP & model-turned-chef ISAAC CAREW at our premium Personal Shopping suite located on the third floor in London’s Oxford Circus.   TUESDAY 12TH DECEMBER 6PM-8PM TOPMAN PERSONAL, SHOPPING SUITE, OXFORD CIRCUS CHRISTMAS…

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How To Wear Brown, Menswear’s Most Difficult Colour

30th November 2017

Ask anyone their favourite colour and you’ll always get the same handful of responses: black, red, navy, maybe the odd green. But we’d put money on that no one will ever say brown. You’re more likely to get a response of the rose inspired amaranth before hearing of any toffee inspired hue (don’t worry, we…

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Print Story: The Patterns You Need To Wear This Winter

29th November 2017

‘Subtle’ and ‘Christmas’ don’t really go together. Just look at all the tinsel. Just look at all the baubles. Just look at Rudolph with his ostentatious red nose. If ever there was a time for peacocking, it’s the festive season. Here are the five prints and patterns you need to wear this Christmas to take…

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LADvent Calendars: 6 Weird Advent Calendars For Absolute LADS (Wheeeeeeey)

Culture Food Grooming
29th November 2017

Want to celebrate Christmas like a MAN with MANLY treats for MEN? Love nothing more than curry and bitter (RUF RUF RUF) but still want treats delivered to you bit by bit throughout advent? Well then do we have a great list of advent calendars just for a pub loving, uber lad like yourself:

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We Asked Women To Judge What They Love (And Hate) About Your Grooming & Style Habits

Grooming Style
27th November 2017

What do women think of men’s style and grooming habits? The age old question closely followed by what’s the meaning of life, is there life after death and where your house keys have gone in its difficulty to answer. But we have cracked it, lads. We’ve finally got the answer. And all we had to…

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